Melting Colors Optical Illusion

They say that when you take something hallucinogenic things are starting to melt around you. And today’s optical illusion is a way to see colors melting without having to get high. Which in our opinion, is ten times better, right? But, then again, we’re not the ones to discriminate, though, from personal experience, wouldn’t it be great to get your buzz without an hangover? Anyways, let’s take a look at today’s visual optical illusion!

What to see?

Simply look at the image. And no, it’s not a gif image, it’s a jpeg, meaning it’s a static image, but, even so, it’s alive! The colors seem to be moving and this when you’re least expecting it! Pretty amazing, isn’t it?
Truth be told, what’s amazing when it comes to this visual optical illusion, is that when you focus on the colors, they stop; when you’re not careful, they seem to be moving towards the central black point! Thing is that this visual optical illusion can really make your head spin if you look at it too much – simply writing this post as we’re having the image on the other display, makes it really hard to focus (so try to overlook the mistakes if any)!

How it works?

Simply put, this is nothing more than an illusory motion due to the careful arrangement of colors and shapes. So, why does this work? Well, because there is a major difference between black and white from a neural signal perspective, which creates the impression of movement. To get the best effect from this visual optical, it’s recommended that you slowly move your eyes around the image, and, if you really want to have a blast, then look at it in full screen view!

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