Mask of Love Visual Optical Illusion

Venetian masks were always a great eye catcher, due to their beauty, simplicity, but also, due to their complexity. Today, we’re going to talk about the Mask of Love, created by Gianni Sarcone, Courtney Smith and Marie-Jo Waeber.Venetian Mask Visual Optical Illusion

What to see?

Well, the Venetian mask presented here is one of the greatest visual optical illusions ever made. And, as a result, it was one of the illusions that made it all the way to the final round in the annual Vision Sciences Society Best Illusion of the Year contest.

As you’re going to notice, at first sight the mask is simply a blurred Venetian Mask. However, it has an interesting secret. Look closely at the face in the center. Perhaps you missed the fact that the main component in the mask is represented by  two distinct people, a man and a woman kissing each other.  Did you miss it? Look again closely, focusing on the mouth and you’ll see it!

How it works?

Well, it seems like once you’ve managed to see the two faces, your brain will flip between two possible interpretations of the mask, and you’ll either going to see one or two faces in alternation. Try it for yourselves. Look from a bit away, and then focus on the mouth and you’ll see the lovers kissing. Pretty neat, right?

Well, this is an illusion created based on the way that we perceive shadows. And, perception is always playing tricks on us, especially when it comes to things that seem a bit blurred.  This type of illusion where you experience two equally possible interchangeable states in perception is called a bistable illusion. So, how do you like today’s visual optical illusion?


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