Love is in the air visual optical illusion

Love is in the air…you can feel it everywhere…and that’s how the song goes. And that’s why, today, we’re going to present you a visual optical illusion with hearts. This can make a nice little love gift for your partner, and it will surely let them stare at these two hearts amazed.Same Heart Optical Illusion

What to see?

It’s plain to see that we have two hearts that are the same color, and the backgrounds differ in this picture.

However, this image is actually playing with our perception, and you should know that colors adapting visual optical illusions are one of the rarest out there, and these alone are the true optical illusions.

So, take a look at the image, and you’re going to see that when the background is on, the two hearts seem to be the same color, but when the background is gone, you can clearly see the color difference in the images.

How it works?

Well, as already said, that’s a perception trick. Our brain processes the two images at the same time, at a glance in plain words, and due to the backgrounds we’re tricked to think that the hearts are the same color. Basically, our brain is overloaded with the background color which makes it unable to distinguish the minor shade differences in the hearts. However, when the background is removed, the mystery is solved!

Other similar visual optical illusions in the same category are scarce, the best known being the Checkers Illusion.

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