Liu Bolin Great Wall Visual Optical Illusion

Great Wall Illusion

Today, we have a treat for you – a visual optical illusion straight from the Great Wall! You might say that this is perhaps one of the most unusual visual illusions, and we couldn’t agree more. There’s a catch to it,  but we’re going to talk about it a bit later, when we take a closer look at how this illusion works.

What to see?

As you look at the image, you see a great view from the Great Wall. The skies are blue, the mountains are green, and in the near distance you see another portion of one of the few human constructions that can be seen from outer space. However, if you take your eyes and focus them in the center of the picture, it’s becoming obvious that there’s something more there, and you can clearly distinguish the silhouette of a man. Is it a ghost? No, it’s a visual optical illusion! Could it be the result of a secret military project that’s studying stealth technology? We’ve all seen it in movies – remember the Predator movie series? But it’s actually not!

How it works?

We’re not exactly sure if this is an afterimage or a real life optical illusion. Liu Bolin has some great pictures of this sorts posted, and looking at some of the other pictures it’s clear that he’s painted so that he’s perfectly camouflaged in the scenery (the European Union flag is a clear example of that). However, this one looks like it’s graphically edited (Photoshop has a great tool called background eraser, that does wonders, and the results are extremely similar to today’s visual optical illusion.

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