LG Poster Visual Optical Illusion

We have to admit that we all love good commercials don’t we? Well, then you’re going to be happy to take a look at today’s visual optical illusion because it’s actually an old LG poster that’s going be a delight.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at what’s “for sale” today!

Hidden Faces in LG Viewty Visual Optical Illusion

What to see?


It’s needless to say that at first, this seems like a regular 18th century-ish depiction of a lazy autumn afternoon, where a couple is lazily sitting on a sofa with the man handing some fruits to a very stylish woman, while another couple is chatting in front of a library. The fire is burning in the chimney, and a light is lit to make the whole atmosphere warmer.  You might not notice that in front of the window, a blonde woman is gazing at the autumn scenery.  Nothing too fancy, is it?

True, but what you’re looking at is a hidden “faces” visual optical illusion. If you read the bottom line, it says that LG phones can see up to 16 faces in a shoot. Now, obviously, there are 5 people and another face in the painting. This makes six. What about the other 10?  First hint is in the branches of the tree. Now, try to detect the other 9!

How it works?

It’s nothing spectacular; it’s only a visual optical illusion that’s created with hidden objects. Naturally, the beauty of these types of visual illusions,  is the fact that you can look at them again and again and still find something new each and every time. So, how many faces did you find in LG’s poster?

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