Julian Beever World 3D Painting Visual Illusion

As you already know,  we’re great fans of 3D street drawings – no matter if they’re chalk drawings or not. The sole idea that you can come up with something like this and even more, that you could stumble upon it when you’re walking down the street, is simply thrilling. However, since we can’t go to all the places, we’re happy to simply enjoy and share some amazing 3D drawings that also make great visual optical illusions! So that’s what we have for you today – this one comes straight from Julian Beever!

What to see?

Now, the chalk artist Julian Beever has this amazing “world” drawing that in the photo that we’re presenting here makes a spectacular visual optical illusion.

If you take a look at it, it’s easy to think that the letters are real 3D letters that are placed one on top of the other, and that, the man holding the last letter is mesmerized by the fact that a tiny woman is resting on the “W”. However, it’s all just a really good visual optical illusion!

How it works?

Well, this one is really easy. Just like all 3D chalk drawings, the artist has to draw what he has in mind elongated, so that , from a specific angle, the drawing seems to come to life. That’s the story with this illusion. The word “World” is actually written on a piece of asphalt of a couple of feet, and it’s that long. The woman that seems to be laying on top of the “W” letter is actually lying a couple of feet away from the man who’s holding the letter. Simple but effective, but man, it does take a lot of work if you want to create such visual optical illusions! And lots of imagination and drawing skills!

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