Iceberg Visual Optical Illusion

As we all know nature is offering us all kind of visual optical illusions. In general nature has its own style to survive or to destroy its weak parts. Today I thought to present you an illusion created by our mind. When we don’t know or don’t recognize a thing we tend to say it resembles to that or this or we can just say “it’s nothing more to it, it’s just what we can see”

Underwater Iceberg Illusion

What to see?
This image reveals how our mind plays tricks on us. Even if we know from books or television that the tip of the iceberg is just a tip and the body it’s under water, we still tend to think “how more can it be?”.
According to studies the iceberg shows only one or maybe two parts of itself above water. Thanks to this kind of studies sailors our days manage now the knowledge of how to act near this greatness of Mother Nature.
This particular image is not the one of a real iceberg. This photograph was created by a professional and underwater photographer who revealed his talents on National Geographic. Ralph Clevenger created this image due his desire to have a real iceberg: “I knew that I couldn’t get an actual shot of an iceberg the way I envisioned it, so I created the final image by assembling several images I had taken. The two halves of the iceberg are 2 separate shots, one taken in Alaska and one taken in Antarctica (neither is underwater). The only underwater part is the background taken off the coast of California.”

How it works?
Here I’m not going to say much. As you know these icebergs can be found in waters. The sun light can’t go deeper that a certain point, so from that point on the human eye can’t see anything.

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