House Visual Optical Illusion

Lately we’ve analyzed visual optical illusions made either by computer, either by the effects of the nature and the computer combined in our mind. Sometimes we forget to appreciate the real value of the original creation of the artists. For example today I thought to talk a little about the work of art of the painter Jos de Mey who was inspired most in his work by Escher. You will probably observe some similarities with other illusions, but they’re extremely interesting.

House Visual Optical Illusion

What to see?
In the picture above we can all see a structure that resembles to a house. At first look, you could say that the painting can’t be a house but more like the skeleton of one. Although there are two people running towards the house we can’t see where the door is. The drawing seems quite impossible: trees passing through a so called roof, no doors, no windows but a smoky chimney.

How it works?
Because I will show you more works of art from Jos de Mey I decided that each day I will provide you a different explanation.
The impossibility in this picture is given by the way the angles appear to be drawn. The author says that he always used the same incidence of light. In every painting he makes use of the light source: there is a light source on 45° left above and 45° left behind the observer; this feature gives constancy in his works and makes them easy to recognize.

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