House Visual Optical Illusion

I don’t know if you noticed but the last few days I wanted to present you visual optical illusions you can see in the real life. Today’s illusion is called “The Mystery Shack” and it can be visited and you can easily see how it works. I would like very much to take a picture in this shack. You probably have seen it before in movies, most likely in a horror movie…

Crazy Shack Optical Illusion

What to see?
In this picture you can see a room filled with all kind of objects. Nothing interesting so far! But when you pay attention to the person in the middle of the room you surely wonder how is she standing like that. Seeing her leaning with no problem one way should make you see that all the objects are a little slanted.
Even so a question appears: why is the girl leaning the same as the objects? Normally she should stand straight.

How it works?
This illusion is just a worn perception of the plane plan. Even if the objects look cricked the person should still have a vertical position.
Now please pay attention at the way they are all slanted. The objects are slanted one way and the floor as the entire room is slanted the other way around. This position tricks us into believing that the person is leaning the same direction as the rest of the objects.
You can find some of these houses in: Alton Towers in the UK, South Dakota, Holland or Oregon. In general they are built on a hill for the illusion to be created. Enjoy!

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