Hidden Persons Visual Optical Illusion

When I started to look for another visual optical illusion I said to myself that I should try to present illusion given us by nature. Although nature didn’t give us this one but the famous painter Octavio Ocampo it is a very tricky and nice illusion.

Forest Girl Optical Illusion
What to see?

At first I’m sure that all of us see the two trees and the woman that is staying on the grass. There is a hidden object in this picture if you didn’t notice it try to look between the trees you should be able to see the silhouette of a beautiful woman seating and glancing at us.
Near her head, that is where the leaves, are you should be able to see to more things at the left and at the right. The branches and the tree crowns are forming the faces of two men: one looking down and the other facing straight ahead.

How does it work?
I thing that by now you are used to the explanation: “it’s in our habit”, but let me remind you.
What the painter did here was to play with the layout of the picture so that he could trick the human brain. As I said the human brain is meant to store information that can help us to manage in life, to survive. If we give him something that is not obvious or doesn’t have a meaning for us, the brain it doesn’t see it or to be more accurate our reception doesn’t work.
For example a child may see only the trees and background, but an adult can see the woman between the trees. So far just only one person discovered the two faces in the trees.

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