Hidden Lion Visual Optical Illusion

If you remember the zebras visual optical illusion that we presented a couple of days ago, then you’re going to be happy to know that today we have a lion that’s hiding amongst zebras.  If we are to guess, then we could say that the zebras didn’t see it coming and that they’re soon going to be the main dish in a 8 course dinner for lion ( it’s 8 course only if we counted the zebras correctly; if we didn’t please tell us the correct number).

What to see?

At first, it’s easy to see how the image is simply overcrowded by zebras, but, take a closer look at the center of the image. What are those two big brown eyes? Continue looking down, and you’re going to see a zebra’s head and nose, but, wait…that’s actually the lion’s nose…and the mouth…well…the zebras really didn’t see it coming.

Actually, this illusion brings to mind the “wolf amongst sheep” saying, doesn’t it? So, how does it work?

How it works?

Okay, we have to shamefully admit that we’re not sure…We know that this is a hidden image, but we don’t know how it was created. You see, we don’t have many information regarding the author of this photo, so we can’t tell you for sure if it’s a very realistic drawing or simply a photoshopped picture. Truth be told, about 90% of the hidden images visual optical illusions can be created quite easily with photoshop today, so, we wouldn’t be surprised if this illusion were to be created by an 8 year old with a sick sense of humor.

One comment

  1. No matter how hard I look, I can’t see it. I’m normally good at these sort of things, what on earth is wrong with me? Everyone else sees it without hindrance. I can see where the mouth is and that the eyes are the Zebra’s ears but I can’t see the ‘full picture’ like I can on other optical illusions. And it’s really bugging me, I’ve refused to stop until I see it and have been trying to for half an hour!

    Any help would be appreciated.

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