Hidden Horses Visual Illusion

Okay, today we have something that you probably seen on your grandparent’s walls as a small child if you lived in eastern Europe. Perhaps, that’s one of the most common motifs from that time and age, but today, we have the digital version of it, and we have to say that even if it reminds yours truly of his childhood, it’s still a bit annoying that by now people are still having a passion for these types of hidden objects…But that’s just me. If you’re a horse lover, most likely you’re going to enjoy this visual optical illusion – and even if you’re not!

What to see?

Well, let’s see, it’s called hidden horses, so, the only thing that you can see are horses – and a lot of them.  I counted 9 horses in this picture, but, I might have missed one or two because, well, frankly, I really don’t have the patience looking at this illusion in awe – it’s too well, mundane for me. Just looking at the picture again I spotted two more…so that would make 11 horses.

However, please let me know how many horses you counted, because that’s always nice to know! And just by saying this, I saw another horse, so that would make 12 horses!

How it works?

Just like any other visual optical illusion of this type aka hidden objects illusion, it works by perfectly camouflaging the horses in the surrounding environment and making them blend in perfectly. It takes a bit of work – okay…a lot more work (and I just spotted horse #13) but  at the end you can truly say that you have a wonderful illusion.

Note: okay…only 13 horses…let me know if you find one more!

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