Hidden Faces Visual Optical Illusion

Until this moment we’ve shown you only explained illusions with a lot of details, so we thought we should try to let you discover some of the explanations on yourself.

Camouflage Faces Optical Illusion

What to see?
This illusion is one of my favorites and one of the first I’ve crossed upon when I started to look for illusions. At first you can see a face or two but then you ask yourself “Is that what I should really see?” . Yes it is! There are 13 faces hidden in the picture and all you have to do is look for them really good.
How does it work?
This kind of illusion is actually very simple and you have to focus a little more. I think the hidden faces are a very good practice for your attention and your power of discrimination. In this case we are dealing only with the visual perception and with our life experience.
If you will pay attention also at the face expressions you’ll see that not all of them are indifferent or not all express happiness, some of them express sadness, anger or rage. When I’ve shown this picture to some students I noticed that some couldn’t see some faces because of their expression, fact that made me think that we tend to see the faces that are more relevant to us.
For example a person that has a problem with angry people may see all of those faces before all the others or they may not see them at all.
Now I’m curious what others observations can you point out.

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