Hidden Face Visual Optical Illusion

If you’re a fan of the Fantastic 4 and visual optical illusions, then, you’re in for a treat of something that we can only consider a real-life Ben Grimm! Did we get your attention? Then let’s dig into today’s visual illusion and we’re waiting for you to tell us if you think we’re wrong or spot on!

Scary Rock Face Optical Illusion

What to see?

It’s not  quite hard to distinguish the face in the pile of rocks. The only difference is that unlike Ben Grimm, this one is composed of multiple rocks of various colors, which only gives the face a more “hidden” look.

However, once you’re spot on the eyes ( here’s a hint: look in the center of the image, then a bit above the center and you’re going to know what we’re talking about), it’s really easy to see the face. Truth be told, we don’t really understand why the creators of this illusion made the face really creepy and scary, almost evil like. Then again, Ben Grimm wasn’t happy – it’s quite hard to be happy when you’re nothing more than a rock, is it?

How it works?

Naturally, one way of explaining things is that our human perception automatically builds images based on what’s familiar to us. And that’ how, from a pile of rocks, we can see a face – creepy, scary face, but a face nevertheless!

Of course, another possible explanation is that somebody played around with a graphic editing program, so…right…

Truth be told, with the latest visual optical illusions we simply let ourselves wonder at how beautiful they are, without caring too much about the process behind them. Now, if this bothers you, let us know, as we’re going to become our geeky selves and give you more detailed explanations of the visual optical illusions we present here.

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