Hidden 3D message visual optical illusion

There are plenty visual optical illusions out there, but, today, we’re going to present you one that’s not only an eye twister, but also one that has a nice hidden message behind it.

So, try to read the text in the image. If you didn’t succeed, then you should read the rest of the article and see how this actually works.No Sex Optical Illusion

What to see ?

Well, this visual optical illusion is pretty much a bunch of 3D shapes, that don’t seem to make any sense when you’re watching them up close and personal. That’s why, in order to see the image and have a bit of a laugh when deciphering it, then you have two options:

–          You’re either going to go a few steps back and watch it from a distance or….

–          If you want to see if from up close, then you need to look a bit spaced out, with your left eye looking towards the left, and your right eye looking towards the right

Now, since the latter option can be a bit hard, step 2-3 feet away from the computer screen , and you’re going to clearly see the hidden message behind this  visual optical illusion.

How it works?

Well, if you read the text, then here’s why you need to step back in order to see the message.

When you look at the picture normally, the 3D structures aren’t interpreted by our brains. However, when you’re using one of the above methods, then you can see the 2D text that can be decoded by our brains a lot easier.

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