Guiness Visual Optical Illusion

If you like black beer, then, oh boy, this will be a really cool visual optical illusion for you. Well, if you love Guinness or love anamorphic illusions that are created with the help of a cold, black, tasty, insatiable one…

And before we move on – yes, we love black beer! Now that we got this out of the way….let’s take a closer look at today’s illusion!

What to see?

At first, you see nothing more than a cold black one with the right amount of foam in a Guinness glass, right? Well, that’s true, until you look at the bottom of the glass and you notice the pad the glass is on. The pad seems to have something weird on it, something that you can’t distinguish with the naked eye.

Well, that’s proof that whoever said that alcohol clouds your judgment, is wrong! I mean, take a closer look at how the Guinness beer in the glass helps you make a whole lot more sense of what written on that pad!

Did you see it? It says “good things come to those who wait”. If you don’t believe us, then zoom in and see for yourselves!

Now, the question is wait or what? For the glass to be full? For the glass to be empty? For another beer perhaps? Who knows….

How it works?

Let’s see, it’s an anamorphic illusion so basically this means is works just like an anamorphic visual optical illusion. Basically, the distortion requires you to use a special device in order to see and reconstitute the image – that’s pretty much it, only that in this illusion, the device is a glass filled with Guinness beer!

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