Growing Brown Dot Visual Optical Illusion

Well, unless you have something against brown dots, then this visual optical illusion is going to be quite exciting for you. Then again, we have to say that at first, we thought that “oh boy, that’s a $hitty color” but the illusion is quite interesting to watch. So, try to keep an open mind with this one and enjoy it – after all, it will only take you a couple of seconds, won’t it?

What to see?

As the title so delicately hints you, you’re going to see a brown dot, that’s growing. And just in case you believe that this is a gif image and not a simple static image, then we have to warn you that this is purely and simply a visual optical illusion that has no computer interference: it’s man made and specially designed to trick the human eye.

As you see the image shows you a fading image; the fade starts from the center and goes towards the sides of the image. It’s dark brow in the dead center, and light brown towards orange on the outside. Watch closely the center of the image for a couple of seconds and you’re going to see how the brown dot starts to grow and grow.

How it works?

Now, this one is quite easy, as it works with the law of perception. Basically, when we focus on a point for more than a couple of seconds, give or take 20 seconds, our peripheral vision makes the surroundings start fading away and disappearing.  That’s pretty much it.  Nothing too fancy about it, but, as you can see, this makes quite a spectacular visual optical illusion.

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