Graffiti stairs visual optical illusion

Visual optical illusions are great, especially when you get to see them in public places. Actually, those are the ones that we regularly see and stare at them and applaud the genius that made them. Today, we’re going to take a look at a great optical illusion that can be found in the Bayview subway station in Toronto.

Bayview Subway Illusion

What to see

Well, the illusion created by Panya Clark Espinal is one that has anamophic properties, which means that it’s only visible as an optical illusion from a certain angle.

From the angle that the picture is taken, you have the impression that there’s an invisible staircase going up into the wall.  And that’s the most impressive aspect, because it look like it’s a cartoon-drawn staircase and you’re expecting to see well beloved characters like Mickey Mouse or Minnie going down on it and waiting to take the subway to a destination.

How it works?

The visual optical illusion is pretty simple. It is the drawing of a staircase on the wall and the floor, that’s only clearly distinguishable at a certain angle. You could be standing right next to it and have the impression that the wall and floor is simply dirty with paint.

However, the most impressive thing is that if a person sits just at the right angle, you’d have the impression that that person is descending a cartoon staircase.

The worst thing is that this optical illusion isn’t clearly seen when the subway station is crowded, so, if you want to enjoy it, pick a time when there’s not too many people waiting for the sub.

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