Gossip is Devil’s Radio Visual Optical Illusion

Today it’s Friday, so, we have a very special visual optical illusion for you, one that will give you the creeps! Truth be told, without wanting to sound sexist, we know that women love to gossip, and they say that gossip is one of devil’s radio if we’re not mistaken. So, here’s what C.A  Gilbert -if we’re not mistaken – created around this!

What to see?

If you’re looking at the smaller version of the image, naturally, you’re going to see a mean, horned and bearded face laughing. Of course, you’ve seen that when browsing through our posts. However, the real magic happens when you open the post and take a closer look at this optical illusion. Now things are a bit different.

You’re going to start to notice, that the devil’s eyebrows are actually created by the shade of two women’s hats – two women who gossip that is. At the same time, the eyes are created by their very own faces, and the nose by the space in between their bodies. Shades are used to depict the devil’s smile and goatee, but if you’re looking closely, you’ll see that logically, there’s a loophole, because, from a strictly artistic point of view, those shades shouldn’t be there.

How it works?

Well, just like most of Gilbert’s works, this is a somewhat double image, just like the All Is Vanity poster that we featured earlier this month on our site. The process of creating this images is quite hard, but easy at the same time. The whole idea is creating hidden images using seemingly normal objects in order to create visual optical illusion. We could say that this is a double entendre put into life.

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