Google Earth Visual Optical Illusion

We all love Google Earth for various reasons, and today’s reason is that it really provided us with a cool visual optical illusion! Now, before we begin, let’s take a moment and thank Google for all the wonderful applications it lets us use for free, and since yesterday it was Google 13th birthday, we also want to say “Happy Birthday Google”!

And as a side note, we’re actually quite anxious to see what happens when Google hits puberty: dark metal and piercings don’t seem to work that well with its clean image :-s

But moving back to our visual optical illusions….

Google Earth Trick Illusion

What to see?

As you can clearly see in the image, that’s a 4 year old Google Earth snapshot, that shows us the area above Frankfurt Airport in Germany. Nothing too impressive to see in the picture, right? Wrong! You see, there are three planes that seem to go in a straight line (if they were ducks we’d expect a flying V formation). Now, the problem is that if you do the math, there’s less than a nautical mile between those planes and since they’re commercial planes (seem to be Boeing) they’re far below the minimum distance which would mean a major risk for accidents. Got you curious?

How it works?

We all know that Google Earth uses Satellite images, and in order to present us with a clear view, several pictures are taken in a row by satellites, so what you’re seeing is actually the same plane shot three times by Google.

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