Globe Visual Optical Illusion in Paris

If you’re headed to Paris, then you should definitely take a closer look at the optical illusion created by French artist François Abelanet. The illusion is installed just outside the Paris Town Hall, and it stretches over 100 meters, depicting a perfect globe – if seen from the right angle, of course.

Paris Globe Optical Illusion

What to see
Well, you’re going to see a perfect globe, a green globe. We could say that the optical illusion is an expression of a “green” idea that makes a statement on how the globe should actually be.
If you stand at just the right angle, as already seen, you have the impression that you’re seeing a perfect globe, with threes coming out of  it. If people are on the structure, they seem miniatures or giants, depending on where they choose to stand.

How it works
This is actually a complicated structure that’s built on a small hill; the distorted stretch of land seems to be a 3D globe due to the perfectly placed lines of paint on it.  However, seen from the side, the illusion quickly disappears. That’s why, most people who aren’t aware of this art work being installed outside Paris’ Town Hall, might not even notice it.

For example, in the second picture, it’s clear that the illusion is nothing more than a piece of land with grass on it and lines painted on. Actually, the real hilly looks quite bizarre and awkward, and nothing more than a failed attempt to make the hilly straight. However, it’s a work of genius, because if the hilly would have been perfectly straight, then the illusion wouldn’t appear as 3D from any angle – it would just seem to be a flattened image of a green globe.

Tip: This globe isn’t the first one the artist created. Actually, it’s not even his most amazing globe. If you visit the artist’s personal website, you’re going to see an impressive number of mind blowing  pieces.

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