Giant Woman Visual Optical Illusion

This particular weird optical illusion caught my attention and I think the attention of quite a lot of other people and especially men, but hey… that just my impression.
A lot of men usually think of tall women, long legs, blond and blue eyed… that seems quite charming, doesn’t it?

A Whole Lotta Rosie Optical Illusion

A Whole Lotta Rosie Optical Illusion 2

What to see?
In this picture you can all see a woman that appears to be skin-dipping in a large lake, near her you can see several small boats. Looking at the size of her we tend to think that maybe she is just an illusion, who would be that big, who would be so charming: it must be a visual optical illusion created on the computer.
Well, the truth is that this cute girl is as real as possible, but just in a physical manner. This woman represents in reality a sculpture.

How it works?
This isn’t exactly an illusion in the way we think of optical illusion so far, it’s more the illusion that takes place in the mind of men and women: beauty and mystery combined.
When looking at this woman some will probably tend to think that she is like Morgana Illusion and also the position she has gives people a lot of interesting thoughts.
This sculpture can be found at the Alster lake in Hamburg and it was created on August 3, 2011. This mermaid, as the author Oliver Voss says, is four-meter-high and it is similar with “Riesen-Nixe” (grand mermaid) or “Badenixe” (bathing beauty).

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