Giant Bug Visual Optical Illusion

Ya’ll know the movie Godzilla, right? Well, in today’s visual optical illusion we have a huge bug for you, one that would make Godzilla cry and run home to daddy. This is another great Google mess-up; well, Google Maps, but then again, what can you expect when it comes to a free service? Okay, we have pretty high expectations when it comes to Google, but, hey, they’re humans, so they can make mistakes. What can we do then? Well, let’s check this illusion out!

Google Maps Bug Visual Optical Illusion

What to see?

It’s easy to notice that today’s optical illusion is simply a Google Maps image of a field somewhere in the world (well, Germany to be more precise). However, the most interesting thing that you might have noticed is the giant bug that seems to be taking on a huge portion of the ground. Seems improbable, right?

We have to say that today, there are many things that go wrong, and when it comes to agriculture and pesticides, God only knows what can happen to bugs, and to what extent they can grow. Seems like Germany has a huge bug that is possibly life threatening for  the country and the rest of Europe.  Again, we should rejoice that this is nothing more than a nasty visual optical illusion!  So, the question is….

How it works?

Naturally, the common explanation would be a genetic experiment went wrong. However, this is not the case. As you know, or you might now know, depends, Google takes images from satellites. Right? Well, what you should also know is that it also takes its images from airplanes (usually high resolution images).  So, what can we deduct from that “my dear Watson”? That Occam’s Razor is 100% true. The simplest explanation is usually the best one. And the simplest explanation would be that a bug was stuck on the camera’s lenses. Simple, right? But a wonderful visual optical illusion nevertheless!

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