Ghostly Castle Visual Optical Illusion

Another week, another Monday, another round of visual optical illusions! However, today, we’re going to start our week with a spooky visual optical illusion. Think it’s because yours truly watched too many horror movies this weekend. But, most likely is because I got this illusion from a friend of mine, and I said that it’s really, really awesome, and I need to share it with you! So, take a look at  this ghostly castle optical illusion.

Haunted Castle Optical Illusion

What to see?

Truth be told, at first,  when looking at this image, I said to myself: here we go, another “Addams Family” type of image, or another Scottish castle photo. Black and white, nevertheless, since it needs to have that heavy, spooky air that we love so much.  Did you ever notice how we’re attracted more by things that are scary?

But, let’s get back to today’s visual optical illusion! It’s quite self explanatory, to be honest. Simply look at the image, keeping your eyes on the center of it, and, see what happens after 15 seconds! Did you miss it? Look again, this time, really focusing your attention on the dot in the center.

Surprised? It was black and white, and now it’s a color image! Did you miss it? Don’t worry, it’s something that only lasts for fractions of a second!

How it works?

Hmmm….well, let’s see, it’s all about sensory overload. Long story short ( it’s Monday, and everybody doesn’t like Mondays so we’ll keep the technical details really short)  when our eyes are overloaded with a certain cover, funny things happen, as a black and white image becoming color, and so on and so forth.  Nevertheless, pretty cool visual optical illusion, right?

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