Funny ride visual optical illusion

Well, if you’re a bike fan, then you’re surely going to enjoy this visual optical illusion. And, the best thing is that even if you’re not, you’re still going to enjoy it! Because we said it’s time to give you something new,  today we’re not presenting you with an image, but with a funny video, that just happens to be a really funny visual optical illusion at the same time!

What to see?

Today we could only say that you need to watch the video! But, seriously now, check out the big man getting ready to ride his Fiat sports motorbike (funny thing, we didn’t know that there are any Fiat motorbikes). It’s really nice to see him getting ready, putting on his helmet, and walking towards the bike.  However, as he comes closer and closer, instead of the bike remaining the same size, you see the man increasing in size, until, you realize that the bike is not a full scale bike, but just a 1/10 or 1/100 replica – aka a toy bike!

How it works?

It’s quite easy actually! It’s a simple visual optical illusion based on the laws of perception that you pretty much learn in school. This doesn’t make it less impressive though! So, thing is that the objects that are closer to us seem bigger than they really are, and that the objects that are farther away look smaller. So, it was only  a matter of setting up right distance from the camera for the bike, and then have the man move at a respectable distance that will make him seem proportional to the bike!


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