Funny Animal Visual Optical Illusion

Have you noticed that sometimes people make mistakes intentionally? In general people tend to lie to protect themselves from being judged, quarreled or not to suffer. What we do not know is that even if we lie with words our body, our face is not our partner in this “dirty” job. Every time we say something that is not in accordance with what we feel or what we think our body language betrays us.

This is how I came across this next illusion (let’s call it that, ok?).

Giraffe Visual Optical Illusion

What to see?

Even if the image is clear and it doesn’t seem anything wrong with it, there is something wrong. You should be able to see in the middle of the forest an animal.

If you pay a little attention you should spot the deliberate mistake.

How it works?

The illusion is not complicated or raising any question marks it just plays a trick on our brain.

Can you try to name this animal?

Probably many of you will say it is a giraffe and in a way that is correct. In reality it is a giraffe with the stripes on a zebra. Our brain is used with some patterns, it has the memory of some things and when we see that thing we call it by its name. It’s just a simple process of recognition. For some of us though, this image may appear normal because we tend to eliminate the details because we don’t recognize them so we associate the element from our perceptive field with what we know better.

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