Footprint Visual Optical Illusion

Sometimes our brain refuses to see things as they are and it tries to transform them so that they would resemble to the reality as closest it can be. Even if sometimes our brain is telling us that what we see can’t be possible, at the end it still telling us that everything we see it’s real, at least in that reality, from that angle, for that exact moment. And that’s what today’s visual optical illusion is all about!

Sand Feet Optical Illusion

What to see?
In front of you, you have 4 footprints in the sand. As you watch them closely you will observe that they are not in the sand but they are pointing out. If you think logical it is not possible because when you step on a moist soil it usually remains a foot impression… a hole in the ground not a model on the surface.

How it works and what to do?
When we look at these foot impression they leave us the leave us the feeling that they rise above the beach. This visual optical illusion shows us how the brain works.
When the picture was made the camera was pointing straight down at the ground and at that point the foot impression was at it supposed to be. When seen on a computer, the same picture changes it’s orientation. The illusion appears because in our mind the sunlight comes from above, which means that the shadows should appear on the bottom of the objects. By flipping this photo 180 degrees, the foot prints now look correct.

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