Floating Woman Visual Optical Illusion

Today’s visual optical illusion was sent to us by this woman who dared us to figure out how the photo that you’re looking at below was made. And truth be told, we’re having a few ideas on how this was created…and we’re not the ones to kiss and tell, but we gladly see and share 🙂

What to see?

It’s quite easy to see how this young woman, has taken a photo during her summer vacation to immortalize her staying in the sun. Nothing too fancy here, right? Well, you’re right, if you don’t take a closer look at her legs. Besides the fact that she’s wearing boots in the summer, what’s awkward is the fact that she seems to be floating. Levitation seems to have yet another proof – it’s real! Right? Well…not quite…because it’s all a visual optical illusion (if it weren’t we wouldn’t be posting the picture anyways).

How it works?

We have a few ideas, and naturally, we’re going to share them with you! First of all, we could say that it’s Photoshopped, right? Well, we could clearly say that because it’s quite easy creating such visual optical illusions today. However it’s not the case either.

Another hypothesis is that due to the shadow, and the positioning of the photographer, she has heels on her boots which make her seem to be floating.

And another hypothesis for this visual optical illusion is that she’s actually jumping and the photo was a fast frame shoot and this is one of multiple photos. If you’re looking closely at her hair, you’ll see that hair on the left side of her hair is in an unusual position of about 90 degrees which could suggest that this visual optical illusion was in fact created during a fast frame photo shoot.

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