Floating Nuts Visual Optical Illusion

I wanted to post this illusion for a very long time, but the picture doesn’t seem enough, but now I managed to find this great representation on video.
Visual optical illusions can be easily created, although some of us have doubts. For instance origami is a very interesting activity, some of the created objects are both weird and you have no clue of how they were made either they’re simple and easy to do.
Let’s see how this illusions works.

What to see?
In this video there are two little nuts in the middle of the screen, all you have to do is watch them and see that when the pencil tries to go through the cricket line they form it enters perfectly.
You would think that the pencil is bent or that the two nuts are actually on another line to follow, but the truth is somewhere in the middle.
How it works?
The principle is quite easy. In reality this two nuts are actually built as you may see in a 3D manner. What the creator did and you can do it at home, because is very easy, was to design a concave box to look convex or a convex box to look concave.
The illusion will be even easier to create if you know a little origami. So all I can say is enjoy!

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