Flashing Squares Visual Optical Illusion

Multiple Squares Optical Illusion

You simply have to love the ‘60s! Now, some of you might think that we say that because we’re having a hippie fantasy or that we’re into smoking illegal substances, or, well, pretty much anything that’s related to how the world was back then and how the freedom of thought and movement was perceived by some. However, we’re going to strictly stick to art, and, most importantly, visual optical illusions.

The 1960s were a great time for art, and a mixture of style and innovation happened back then. Today’s visual optical illusion is simply an example of what happened during the Optical Art Movement of the 60s ( or OpArt) as it’s called.

What to see?

Before telling you how it works, you should know that in the 60s artists that were into the OpArt would usually created puzzling effects using color. And we have a fine example of that in today’s visual optical illusion.

As you’re looking at the squares, you start seeing that the squares start to flash, and that, if initially you thought that there are only four squares, you’ve mistaken. Simply focus on one area of the diagram, and start seeing how multiple squares start to appear, in a dazzling effect!

How it works?

Well, due to the orientation of the subtle black lines, this visual optical illusion seems really simple at first, but, unlike any other visual optical illusions, the eyes are tricked at first, and they start seeing the real deal when you focus on the image.

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