Fisher’s Mother Father Daughter Visual Optical Illusion

Today, we’re having for you what you could call a “classical” visual optical illusion, Fisher’s 1968 little work of art “Mother, Father, and daughter”.  And it’s one of those hidden images sorts of optical illusions that you’re surely going to love! So, let’s take a better look at today’s little eye trickster!

What to see?

Well, for some of us, the image you’re looking at is simply appearing to be a scribbling of a mad man. But, try to look closely and you’ll figure out that the name “Mother, Father, and daughter” is quite accurate because, believe it or not, in this drawing you’re actually seeing – or at least you need to try to see the faces of not under three people. A woman, a young lady, and a man – can you see them?

If you don’t, let us give you a hint, or, at better said two hints. If you look at the upper part of the image, you’re going to clearly distinguish a hat, if you look below, you’re going to see the hair of a woman, and her face. But, as you look at the woman’s forehead,  you’re noticing something that resembles an eye. If you follow the line of the eye, you’re going to see that it leads to a rather big nose, and underneath, a big and hairy moustache.

Now, we’ll be damned if we can see the third face in this picture, and perhaps you could give us some help.

How it works?

Let’s see, usually when it comes to hidden images, these are, well, tricks on our perception created by incomplete lines, partial drawings, and so on and so forth…we’ve said it one time too many before, so just enjoy today’s visual optical illusion!


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