Faucet Visual Optical Illusion

Lately I have showed you paintings and works of art made by famous artists; today I thought we should have a little fun in “illusion land”. The eye and the brain can be easily deceived into believing what they see without asking any question at all.

Magic Faucet Fountain Optical Illusion

What to see?
The words are extra here. So… you can see in this image a pretty cool flying tap. Just by looking at it you can see that the tap floats in the sky in a magical way, no strings attached and with an endless supply of water. Personally I would like to see it, it seems fascinating. This kind of “illusion” was created for amusements parks at the beginning, but in our days it is used even indoors to impress guests and it’s not even expensive.

How it works?
Especially for children this illusion seems extremely interesting, pure magic. The whole trick is that the pipe supplying the water and also holding the faucet up in the air is given by the stream of water. In conclusion the tap stays in mid-air as long as the water is running, other way he can’t hold its self. There are some of small faucets made for personal usage.

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