Face on Mars Visual Optical Illusion

Mars Illusion

If we ask you about the possibility of life on Mars, then, well, we’d have lengthy debate, or an endless conversation. But, we’re here to present you visual optical illusions, so today, let’s only stick to the so called “Face on Mars” illusion.

What to see

Need we say more? If you take a close and careful look at the image, then you’re going to see that there’s a circle in the bottom left corner but what’s that haunting image in the upper right corner? It carries a strong resemblance with a human face, or what our brains perceive to be a face. So, is this just a visual optical illusion, or more?

How it works?

Let’s dwell a bit into the story. Back in 1976, the Viking Orbiter sent some images from Mars to Earth. In the Cydonia region of the planet, a very peculiar rock formation was discovered, and that’s today’s visual optical illusion. There’s no doubt that the rocky formation resembles a humanoid face looking straight at the camera.

But how it actually works? Well, there’s a psychological phenomena called “Pareidolia” and it says that vague images are always interpreted by the brain as specific images.

A decade and more later, the Mars Global Surveyor took more high resolution pictures. And what a surprise it was to see that from another angle, that particular region of the Cydonia region was nothing more than a simple rocky formation!  Should we say that a number of conspiracy theories  were born and still surround this image?

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