Dwarfism Visual Optical Illusion

Big man Small man Visual Optical Illusion

Let’s take a look at yet another real life visual optical illusion, that’s playing tricks with our perception. We have to say that this isn’t something that’s new, but, then again, pretty much everything’s been done before, but then again, it always depends on the package, not on the contents – at least that’s what the corporate world taught us.

What to see?

Look carefully at the image in the left. The man who’s sitting on the chair seems to be a dwarf, while the man standing seems to be a regular sized man. However, as you’re looking at the image in the right, you’re seeing that when we change the angle, it’s clear that the whole thing is nothing more than a visual optical illusion.  It’s still impressive to see how some little tricks like that, that don’t really require a lot of training or a special set-up make impressive visual illusions, isn’t it? So, now, the question is, of course, how it works?

How it works?

It works like all illusions of this sorts work – it’s a perception trick. Our eyes don’t see as well as we would like them to see, and things that are closer seem bigger and things that are farther away seem bigger. Add a couple of wooden pieces, add a person in the far background and a person sitting closer to the camera, and you’ve got yourself quite an impressive visual optical illusion!

Tip: You can create your own optical illusions with a simple camera and two objects, one farther away and one closer. Simply let your imagination guide you, and you’ll see what spectacular things you can create! And naturally, send us a picture, and we’ll post it on the site!

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