Dogs Visual Optical Illusions

Well, since we’ve seen how many of you appreciated the elephant visual optical illusion we presented yesterday, we said that it was about time to give you another one of the same kind, so, here comes! If yesterday we had a huge mother f_#@ing elephant, well, today, we have something more friendly, the man’s best friend to be more exact aka dogs – as the title so “slightly” suggested. So, let’s take a look at today’s dogs visual optical illusion!

What to see?

Just like yesterday, it’s quite easy to see. Just looking at the image – and this time we have it in color – of the dogs running (they seem to golden retrievers if we’re not mistaken) you’re soon going to realize that at first glance, you seem to be looking at two dogs. But, look more carefully, and see how you’re going to actually notice that, well, there seems to be more dogs – 4 to be more precise. So, how does this work?

How it works?

Just like  yesterday’s illusion, the explanation for today’s visual optical illusion, is quite simple: the dogs are cut in half! Well, not really, but half of the dog is drawn normally, then prolonged abnormally, while the other half is drawn normally again, only slightly upper, making us believe that instead of two dogs, there are four dogs at least. And that’s the way the cookie crumbles!

Truth be told, you yourselves could design such visual optical illusions quite easily, if you like to play in graphic editing programs. Actually, we encourage you to do so, and send us the results! Be sure that we’re going to post them on this site for the whole world to see!

Author: Gianni A. Sarcone,, from the book “New Optical Illusions”, Carlton Publishing.

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