Cubeagonal Visual Optical Illusion

Don’t you just love impossible objects? Well, today we have a very mathematical or better said geometrical visual optical illusion for you, which we hope you’re going to enjoy as much as we do.

Truth be told, we’re having problems determining if this should go in the “paradox” or “impossible objects “visual illusion category. But that’s the least of our worries, as our aim is to provide you with illusions that you enjoy.

What to see?

The first thing that you should say is that we’re having a really nasty visual optical illusion for today. Granted, the quality of the image isn’t the best, the colors are a bit annoying, but, then again, it needs to serve its purpose aka create a visual illusion, and that it does.

Now, the problem is whether we’re looking at a hexagon or at a cube, and this at first. The second question is whether we’re looking at the inside or the outside of a cube.

How it works?

Truth be told, after you look for a while and analyze you realize that you have in front of you a cube. The colors trick you into believing that you have a hexagon. The green, then the mauve, then the red, then the green again and the blue, make it seem like you have a hexagon… However, if you closely analyze the drawings you’ll see that you’re looking at a cube that’s simply colored in 4 colors.

The trick here is the angle and the use of colors. As you already know, our brains will interpret what they are trained to interpret and not what’s really there. Due to the angle, we first have the impression that we’re looking at a hexagonal visual optical illusion – and the colors only add to that. Only when we analyze the image, we realize the true shape of the form in front of us.

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