Crater Street Painting Visual Optical Illusion

If you’re headed to Paris, then make sure to check out Montparnasse railway station, and see the giant crater that was formed when a meteorite hit the earth! Well, just in the imagination of the creator of a great chalk drawing that make’s today’s visual optical illusion!

Crater Optical Illusion

What to see?

Well, there’s not much to say, besides the fact that you should closely look at the picture and breathe in each and every detail, as it’s simply an amazing drawing, that, if you wouldn’t know better, you wouldn’t be able to distinguish from a real crater, and you’d be tempted to go across it not to fall over.

The thing that’s most impressive, is that when looked at from the angle the picture was shot, is the fact that you can’t really know whether the stones around the crater are real or simply chalk drawings – it’s that good of an visual illusion!

How it works?

Nothing much to say here either, besides the fact that it’s a really well made 3D drawing.  And you all know that this is an art – how many of you can even draw something like this on a piece of paper and still hold proportions? Not too many! Now consider how many could draw such an impressive visual optical illusion on asphalt!

If we would want to be too critical, we’d say that the only error is that the cracks would not be that square-ish in the case of a real life impact. Then again, that’s the good thing because, after all, that’s one of the signs we’re looking at a visual illusion!

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