Cool Mirror Visual Optical Illusion

As you know, here at Weird Optics, we usually show you pictures, but from time to time, we find a video that shows a great visual optical illusion, and we need to share it with you. So, today we have a mirror  illusion that we think it’s  going to be a delight for you!

What to see?

Well, hit play, and take a look at what happens. A suggestion would be to turn off your speakers because the video is quite noisy and can get disturbing when you really want to enjoy the video.  Other than that, take a look at the man who approaches the mirror. Instead of looking a regular mirror image, it enlarges it. However, you could say that you can do that with any type of curved mirror. That’s right, but, the thing is, that this mirror seems to be made out of tons of small tiles…. So there must be a catch, right?

How it works?

Here’s the catch:  the mirror isn’t a regular mirror, is more of a masterly designed visual optical illusion creator that consists of 100 reflective squares . More even, the squares display the image that’s taken from a digital video camera! So, what happens is that when a person walks towards the mirror, the tiles tilt, and create a moving, magnified image!  How cool is that? Shows how today, with a bit of nerdy savoir quoi, you can create some high techie visual optical illusion that are an absolute delight to watch!

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