Cool alphabet visual optical illusion

How many of you didn’t play with wooden blocks as children? Some of us perhaps even created  an alphabet letters with them, but it took a grown man to create some cool visual optical illusions that are pieces of art in themselves.  Perhaps this could be a great way to teach young children the alphabet. On second thought…it wouldn’t…But going back to the illusion:Alphabet Illusion

What to see:

Nothing too tricky here, you’re simply seeing the alphabet in these images. However, the nice thing is the way that the blocks were used to create letters. Anybody could have done it the old fashioned way, but designer Marc Böttler made sure that he used them in an almost magical way.

How it works?

Well, Marc used the stacked wooden blocks and combined some tricky camera angels that made them really nice visual optical illusions. The blocks themselves only form letters when viewed from a certain angle. You can think of this as one of the first official anamorphic alphabets that can be used on a computer.

A really cool thing would be if we could use these letters and turn them into an optical illusion font. However, Mr Böttler’s Klotz Type Experiment – the name that the designer gave his works – is just what it is for the moment.

On the other hand, why should we demand more than it is? How many of us can say that they achieved something that great with wooden blocks when we were younger, and how many of us would have the time and patience to do something like that now?

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