Color Overload Visual Optical Illusion

Overapping colors optical illusion

This one of perhaps one of the best visual optical illusions that we’ve seen in months! However, the funny thing is that this color overload isn’t something necessarily new. But, impressive nevertheless.

What to see?

As you can see, there are two pictures. One with cyan and yellow, and another imagine with a boat, that’s having a shade of yellow and a shade of cyan on it. Quite a discrete difference, but noticeable nevertheless.

Now, as you can see, there are two points in the centers of both images. So, what you have to do, is to simply look at the upper image first, and keep your eyes on the black dot or about 30 seconds.

After about 30 seconds or more passed, take a look at the image with the airplane. Notice how the colors seem now even? That’s the color overload effect. And the funny thing, is that the image seems now a very professionally taken and brand new image, as opposed to the image that before seems taken out of an 80s calendar.  And this makes it a spectacular visual optical illusion

How it works?

Let’s make a comparison. Imagine how you’re going to the movies in a sunny afternoon. As you enter the theater, you’re completely blind, being unable to see anything in the dark. However, after a bit of time, you’re able to see better as your visual system adapts to the light levels in the room.

This adaptation mechanism works for color overload as well. Basically, it’s what allows us to recover from an overdose of stimuli. The so-called chromatic adaptation happens when our eyes need to adjust to various color stimuli.  And that’s how the color overload visual optical illusion works!

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