Color Blindness Visual Optical Illusions

We all want to drive at some point. It doesn’t matter if you want it sooner or later, either way you have to take some tests for you to get your license. One of the steps is the eye test; the ophthalmologist tries to see how good your visual accuracy is and also tests you to see if you have problems with seeing the colors properly. Just a little below, you can see one of these tests, which are actually really good visual optical illusions.

Daltonism Test Optical Illusion

What to see?
In this visual optical illusion we have six distinguish circles and in the middle of each one there is a number. Many of often see just five of them. A person with a normal visual system will see five or even all six numbers. For you to be sure you have the right number, you have the correct answer just outside the circle.

How it works?
There are persons that have color blindness or daltonism, that can’t distinguish red from green, case in which we have a problem. Color blindness is a deficiency in the view of certain colors. The distortion for red or green is the most common type of color vision impairment. There are some cases, even if they are just a few, in which people can only see in black and white shades (just like dogs do). It has been shown that color blindness is in most cases an inherited condition, although males are more likely than females to get it. The symptoms are inability to distinguish colors (usually red/green and sometimes yellow/blue as we’ve shown you in the picture above).

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