Ciggies Visual Optical Illusion Video

Well, it’s Friday, and we’re feeling the pressure of this weekend today’s visual optical illusion is a video – we didn’t have one of those in a while. Plus, it’s a good reminder of how much fun cigarettes are – but that’s not an excuse to start smoking (take it from yours truly because it’s a costly vice that doesn’t have any health benefits). Anyways, we’re not here to talk about how smoking is bad – even if it is bad and addictive and I wish that I could quit easily – but rather to talk about this wonderful visual optical illusion that we found on the wonderful YouTube!

What to see?

Let’s see, hit play, and enjoy the 34 seconds. And truth be told, it’s  a really nice video to watch because as the video is going to show you, it’s a real life illusion, handmade! Needless to say, that we love this more than others, because, well, they always seem to be more fun to watch. But back to our visual illusion!

As you hit play, you’re going to see that we’re talking about two cigarettes that are placed on a drawing of a wall of some sorts…The cigarette in the middle seems to be lots larger than the cigarette in the left side of the drawing. However, magic happens when the person who did the video pushes the cigarette on the left towards the cigarette in the middle of the drawing. You see that they’re the same size!

So, you’re wondering how this visual optical illusion works?

How it works?

Let’s see, if we’re analyzing the drawing, we quickly realize that it’s a 3D representation of a wall of some sorts, that ends with another wall, at an angle that seems to be a 90 degree angle. Now, in order for our brains to interpret this as a 3D, the convergence lines (I think that’s how they’re called in drawing lingo) need to be wider towards the “beginning” or the portion that our brains see as the beginning, and they need to be narrower as we’re approaching the center or the far sides. Hence, we’re under the impression that the cigarettes are not the same size, when they clearly are. And there’s your explanation for this visual optical illusion – long story, Friday style! Seen you on Monday!

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