Caves in the Middle of London Visual Optical Illusion

In case you grew anxious seeing some new awesome street painting visual optical illusions, today is the day! We have a wonderful optical illusion for your enjoyment, and we hope that you’re going to like it as much as we do. Truth be told, each and every day we see street paintings we can’t but remain mesmerized at how cool they are!

Strange Caves Optical Illusion

What to see?

There’s really not much to say, besides the fact that that you need to take in all the beauty of it all! Looks like out of the blue, the whole street caved in, and let a wonderful image of a mysterious under world to surface! Mysterious and scary at the same time, because if you see take a good look at the bottom of the drawing, it looks like a root or a silhouette is trying to surface. Clearly, that this is so real that an actual person got scared – or at least that’s what we can understand from what we see in this picture.

How it works?

There’s, like with any other visual optical illusion that’s comprised of a street painting, not much to say, is there? It works by creating a 3D drawing  that seen at the right angle looks like it’s really, really real! Well, as real as chalk drawings can look – needless to say.

Anyways, we can only say that we have the deepest appreciation of the artists who create these street paintings – and truth be told, if they were not immortalized in pictures, they’d wear off at the first drop of rain! So, perhaps it’s way overdue  but we want to say “thanks” to all the artists who create such works of art!

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