Carpet visual optical illusion

Today, we’re going back to Paris, this time, in a video game store, where you’re going to find the most peculiar carpet that, between you and me, can’t be that good for business. Why? Because it’s a visual optical illusion that has the potential to make lots and lots of clients trip over the shelves!  Check out for yourself this visual illusion:

Vortex Carpet Optical Illusion

What to see?

Naturally, the first thing when you look at the picture, is to be amazed by the strange patterns of the carpet, that seem to be a vortex, and a dimensional slip like you’ve seen in some of the classic video games, and in recent movies (anybody seen Tron this year?). Of course, it’s really great to watch the carpet, but, there’s a problem: you can’t really say whether it’s flat or there are actual “inter dimensional” passages in it. Again, it can be quite hard walking normally in that store for the first few times, don’t you think?

How it works?

There’s really not much to explain when it comes to this optical illusion. Due to the fact that the lines are not straight, the pattern is turned into a three dimensional image by our brains, which makes us think that the surface is not flat, when it actually is.

Now, enough with talking about this visual optical illusion! We’re more concerned of how many clients of the store bumped into something or fell down due to the fact that they were too caught up in this carpet’s model! And more importantly…where can I get one for my mother in law?


    1. Hi, we don’t really know. It would be really awesome having it at home, wouldn’t it? Try googleing it, and see what comes up.

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