Carme Chacon Visual Optical Illusion

Don’t you just love it when visual optical illusions involve celebrities? And we’re not talking here about some David Copperfield optical illusion, nor we are talking about David Blaine, meaning today’s illusion is not related in any way to one of  the top illusionists. It’s rather on the other end of the stick, meaning people who you would never consider to appear in this. So, today, we’re having Carme Chacon, the Spanish Minister.

Spanish Minister Illusion

What to see?

At first sight, there’s nothing to impressive. You see the Spanish minister smiling at you, while showing her sexy legs, which seem to be quite long and toned to be honest. But, when you take a closer look at her legs, you realize that, well, it seems like they’re mixed up, and the left foot is where the right foot should be and vice versa. So, is this another huge editing mistake or Photoshop prank? Considering that this image appeared in the renowned El Pais, chances are slim.

How it works?

Now, Photoshop, could explain this easily, but, unfortunately, it’s not an editing mistake. Or fortunately, because, after all, what we have here is a real life illusion that you can easily replicate at home.

Thing is that because her arms are crossed the shadow of her right arm over her left arm give the impression that her legs are crossed, when they’re actually not. Truth be told, if they were to be crossed, that would have meant that one of her legs is considerably longer than the other. A great real live visual optical illusion!

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