Buttocks Visual Optical Illusion

Get ready for another nasty and naughty visual optical illusion. Okay, this is one of those types of illusions that we really wouldn’t want to be an illusion, but, it is…Anyways, it’s really nice because you need to be really, really careful when you look this illusion if you want to notice the catch!  Got you curios? We bet that you already took a peek at the photo below, because, well, by now you must be really curios!

What to see?

What seems to be every man’s dream (and some girls’ too): three beautiful women. One putting on make-up, one taking the photo, and one looking for something up in the bed. Nothing too out of the ordinary, isn’t it so? Well, look again, at the girl on the bed. Slide your eyes down, and is she not wearing any panties?

It seems to be true at first glance, but that’s the optical illusion! Take a closer look at the woman holding the camera. Notice how her right arm (left) is tilted holding the camera? What you’re actually seeing is her armpit, and not the other girl’s buttocks! Pretty cool visual optical illusion, right?

How it works?

Truth be told, this isn’t the first illusion of this type, as there were plenty others. Remember the Heels illusion ?  That was on the same idea – things aren’t what they seem to be!

In this case, the angle of the arm of the woman holding the camera is just right and perfectly overlaid on the girl’s rear end that it really seems that she’s not wearing anything besides her skin!  You simply got to love this type of optical illusions!

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