Burning car visual optical illusion

Do you love your car? Then you might want to skip seeing this visual optical illusion. Or you should definitely see it in order to know that sometimes, accidents don’t happen – they’re just an illusion!

We have to say that before posting this on the site we took our time and considered whether we should post it or not. And we really took so much time that we posted it really, really late – so sorry for that. Please, please, please tell us that you like it!

What to see?

Well, we could say that any driver’s nightmare!  Go to your car, and see the dashboard on fire!  Naturally, all sorts of questions are in your head like how come only your dashboard can be on fire.  That’s what we wondered the first time we took a look at this visual optical illusion. Even if we knew that this is indeed an illusion, we were wondering how the hell this illusion works and what the catch is! After about…2 minutes we figured it out! Care to know it or you figured it by yourself?

Truth be told, we usually don’t post illusion that are quite easy to figure out, and this one seemed a bit…mundane!

Anyways…in case you didn’t figure it out, here’s how it works!

How it works?

Quite simple… as you quickly realize, the photo is taken indoors (notice the dirty window). At the same time, there is no flash light, which makes it easy for the camera to also capture what’s inside the room.  The trick was to have a fire in the room and take the snapshot at an angle that will overlay the dashboard of the car. Simple, but ingenious, and a really cool visual optical illusion!

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