Bumps and Holes Visual Optical Illusion

Weird optical illusions, shadow illusions, perception visual optical illusions they are all parts of our life. But what happens when we meet these illusions and we realize that we can see the actual truth? In general we tend to get mad because we think of ourselves “I can do it!” or “I’m better than others”.
Sometimes though being better than others doesn’t help us identify the problems of the illusions around us because it isn’t up to us, but up to our psychological processes.

Hills or Craters Optical Illusion

Hills or Craters Optical Illusion

What to see?
In this particular illusion we have something that resembles a lot with Hollow Faces Illusion. In this optical illusion we can see two photos. The first image gives us the impression of having 5 bumps and 1 hole and the second image gives us the impression of 5 holes and 1 bump.
Where is the illusion you may ask? It’s right here… the two images are actually one and the same.
How does it work?
The process is quite easy and I think you are familiar with it.
The difference between these two images is that one on them is turned upside-down… and now the principle is simple, just like the Footprint Illusion.
The reason why we see the two pictures in a different manner is because our brain is made to think that the light comes from above and in pictures this conception is stronger. As I already told you most of our light sources are placed above us and the most important source, the sun, is also above, in conclusion this is a strong predisposition on our part. Thus we view shadows and light with the assumption that the light is coming from above.

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