Buddah Visual Optical Illusion

Today’s visual optical illusion welcomes a highly appreciated religious figure, Buddha! It doesn’t really matter if you’re a Buddhist or not, because you can bask either way in the beauty of this visual illusion, and try to take it all in at once, then take in piece by piece, as you’ll always going to find something new it in.

Buddhist Serenity Visual Optical Illusion

What to see?

If you zoom out a bit, you’re going to see the figure of Buddha, and you’re going to say “well, that’s nothing new”. However, as you zoom in, you’re going to see that in this particular impression of Buddha, the face is constructed solely from tiny little Buddhas and other similar figures, and that  everything, from the sky, to the background, is actually filled with life and color – though some might say that it seems like the dark clouds hold forces that smile down upon Buddha. The most amazing thing when it comes to this visual optical illusion is the fact that there are so many hidden objects, that you get tired of counting them!

How it works?

Well, it takes a bit of ingenuity to camouflage so many details and overlap them to create the optical illusion of Buddha. There’s nothing too fancy here, besides the double images. And the most surprising thing is that even if this visual optical illusion is somewhat obvious, we’re still basking in the details. Imagine having this hanging on your wall. Simply looking at it would give you a sense of serenity and calm, and you’d be able to forget about your daily worries for minutes on end.

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