Brocken Spectre Visual Optical Illusion

It might be because it’s cold outside, or it might be because we simply want to start this week with something spooky; no matter, today we have a Brocken Spectre Visual Optical Illusion that was featured in the Daily Mail. It’s kind of a shame that we didn’t find about this one sooner, because it’s a truly amazing real life illusion – that has a good story behind it.

What to see?

Well, as if it weren’t clear enough, notice how there appears to be an aura in the midst of the mist, and inside it, there seems to be a ghostly human figure. It’s really spooky, as it looks like some sort of godly creature is getting down to descend on Earth! There’s nothing more to see when it comes to this optical illusion. However, the explanation and the myths surrounding broken specters are simply amazing!

How it works?

This sort of real life illusions only occurs on cloud banks or misty mountainsides, but it’s actually nothing more than the light that comes from behind the person that’s being cast in the cloud banks or mist. So, really, there’s nothing scary, as if you ever find yourself seeing this type of real life visual optical illusion, you should know that you’re only looking at yourselves!

On the other hand, the climber who took this photo in the Tatra mountains in Poland didn’t find the Broken spectre illusion quite soothing because there’s a superstition among mountain climbers that says that whoever sees their Brocken Spectre is going to die in the mountains the next day!

This phenomenon was first sighted in the Brocken, the highest peak of Germany’s Harz Mountains, by Johan Silberschlag in 1780 and it’s a natural occurrence in the right circumstances.

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